Nathan Lewit

How We Got Started

Yes, there really is a Nathan and he has nothing to do with hot dogs.

Nathan Lewit started his career in drivers education with another drivers education company. Nathan had a passion for the work back then and still does today. Nathan
has been in the Drivers Education business for more than 40 years. He believes that everyone  should be treated equally and fairly - take care of people and the business
end of things naturally follows.

Many of our instructors started with Nathan's many years ago. If you ever meet Nathan you'll understand why... he has never met a stranger! Nathan feels that drivers education
is important to saving lives. We have familles that have relied on Nathan's for years to provide the best drivers education for their loved ones. It is quite a testimony to our work
and also a great responsibility. Over the years we have continued to grow and prosper. What started out in Nathan's living room has steadily grown into a respected local,
long-standing business.

Nathan's Driving School is the only school in Georgia that currently is and has been a member of the National Safety Council, the Driving School Association of the Americas, and licensed
by the State of Georgia since 1986.

Other companies rely on 3rd party websites that you pay to ensure only the best feedback is displayed. Nathan's relies on word of mouth by our customers and friends and family. Nathan is often stopped in the store or on the walk path, greeted and told, "Hey you taught me to drive !" ...We'd like you to become part of our story and family...