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The North Atlanta High School Driver Education Program has been developed by Nathan's Driving School. The program is designed to create Safe Teenage Drivers. In addition, the program was developed to address the most common concerns regarding teenage drivers. It is taught by state licensed instructors who are well trained, patient, and understanding.

The basic course is a combination of thirty (30) hours of class instruction and six (6) hours of private in-car instruction. We also offer an expanded program with thirty (30) hours of classroom instruction and eight (8), ten (10), twenty (30) or more hours of in-car instruction. Students who successfully complete the course will earn a Certificate of Completion which will entitle them to receive possible insurance discounts and qualify for a $150.00 Georgia income tax credit.

This course also meets the requirements of the "Joshua Law" which went into effect on January 1, 2007. By meeting the Joshua Law requirement, the student also has the opportunity of taking the State Road Test with Us at a discounted price.

Interested students should complete the enrollment form included in this material and either mail, or fax it, along with the full payment, to Nathan's Driving School, Inc. at the address indicated on the enrollment form. Please remember that the class size for each session is limited.

For more information, feel free to contact us at (770) 454-9100.

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