Are you scheduling a road test with the Department of Driver Services?

Nathan's Driving School would be happy to offer you our road test service!


Taking your road test can sometimes be a stressful situation.  Not only do you have to prepare for your test, but you also have to gather all of the appropriate documentation necessary to receive your license.


Once you are ready for your test, you can make an appointment with the Department of Driver Services. The DDS has many testing centers throughout the State of Georgia, and we provide service to several of them. To schedule an appointment for your test, please call the Department of Driver Services at (678) 413-8400 or visit locations for more information.

Once you have made an appointment for your road test at the above number, you will then need to call Nathan's Driving School to schedule the use of one of our vehicles. Nathan's will provide an hour familiarization lesson to the DDS location of your choice, where you will take your road test in our vehicle and, upon completion, our instructor will return you home.

We serve a wide area of locations, classified by distance, as follow:




  North Cobb




  Forest Park



 Priced at $234








  Locust Grove



Priced at $264


The latter ones are the farthest away from out Main Office and typically outside our served area, however we made our road test service available with a little surcharge for the necessary travel expenses. If the DDS location of your interest is not listed above, it means it is too far for us to conveniently serve it. We apologize for that.